COURIERS GO GREEN Project: Underpin Courier and Transportation Companies to Green their Operations


EU Programme: Erasmus+ KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational, education and training

Reference: 2022-1-EL01-KA220-VET-000087645

Project duration: 30/12/2022-29/12/2024


The general objective of the “Couriers Go Green” project is to underpin Courier and Transportation Companies to make their operations greener and finally enhance their environmental performance and sustainability. Acquired Green Training would offer green competencies and green motivation to target group personnel with an ultimate view to improve and optimize Organization's overall Green Environmental Performance.


Specific objectives

  • Help courier companies assess their carbon footprint and the overall impact on the environment caused by their activities
  • Develop a methodology to support the target group in decreasing emissions and in parallel increasing efficiency
  • Provide the Courier companies with all the required tools and methods to draw up a Green Strategy for optimising and redesigning their operations
  • Equip individuals (courier employees) with green certifiable skills and environmental awareness for playing a crucial role inCouriers’ green shift
  • Provide Training & Awareness to Courier and Postal Operator personnel in an open, accessible, interactive, inclusive and innovative way with an aim to engage them for turning green initiatives into reality
  • Raise awareness to Courier & Postal companies' customers (services users) regarding Green Courier activities

Target groups

  1. Main target groups:
    1. Courier and Delivery Companies personnel. The project will address the needs of Decision Makers such as CEOs, General Managers, Managers, Environmental Managers and Operational Managers by providing them with knowledge on how to develop a Green Strategy. Employees, Drivers and Workers will gain knowledge on Environmental Protection and acquire Green skills that will enable them apply Green measures on an attempt to re-engineer the business operations,
    2. Transportation Sector personnel (Decision Makers/Executives, Employees, Drivers, Workers).
  2. Secondary target groups:
    1. Logistics and Transportation Consultants – Training material could be utilized for the provision of work-based training on the sector-specific personnel,
    2. Environmental Consultants - Training material could be utilized for the provision of work-based training on the sector specific personnel.

Project results

  • The Strategic Planning Green Framework,
  • The “Measure my Green Readiness” Tool,
  • The “Couriers-Go-Green” Course, educational package with interactive material including videos, gamification, quizzes,
  • The “Green Skills” Certification scheme, a certification procedure that will allow users to test their knowledge acquired, from the course and gain a Certification by a Certification body,
  • The “e-Green” Learning Hub, an online interactive platform that will host all the produced results



PANEPISTIMIO THESSALIAS - Greece (Project Coordinator)
Easy Mail SA - Greece
DREVEN SRL - Belgium
Budapesti Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara - Hungary
ISONIKE Ltd - Cyprus

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