How to Implement a Strategic Planning Green Framework: Erasmus+ Couriers Go Green Framework & Toolbox

Erasmus+ Couriers Go Green project is a pioneering initiative that aims to help courier companies reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability.

The project has developed a Strategic Planning Green Framework and a Toolbox that will guide the target group through the process of implementing a Green Shift in their operations. The Framework and the Toolbox are ready and will be uploaded soon on the project's website.

The Strategic Planning Green Framework is a comprehensive document that outlines the steps needed to plan, execute and monitor a Green Shift. It covers aspects such as SWOT analysis, stakeholder identification, mission, vision and values review, action plans, prioritization methodology, budgeting and evaluation. The Framework will help the target group to align their goals and strategies with the principles of environmental responsibility and social impact.

The Strategic Planning Green Framework Toolbox is a practical collection of tools that will support the target group in applying the Framework. It includes templates, methods, bibliography, charts and other resources that will facilitate the Green Shift process. The Toolbox will help the target group to organize their data, assess their situation, design their actions, allocate their resources and measure their results.

Erasmus+ Couriers Go Green invites all interested courier companies to visit its website to learn about this pioneering initiative. Very soon there will be free access to the Green Strategy Framework and the Toolbox when they become available.

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